Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide quotes for repairs over the phone?

A: Unfortunately we do not, with every repair we like to make sure the repair you're requesting a quote for will solve the problem your vehicle is facing. Once we look at the issue we will figure out all the parts your vehicle will need and we can provide a proper quote at that time.

Q: Can I use my own parts for repair work?

A: For Tires we do allow this as long as the tires are in good enough condition for the shops qualities. Every other we do not allow as when we purchase these parts we have warranties in order to ensure that if something goes wrong with the part prematurely we will be able to take care of all of our customers.

Q: Does Brutus Auto offer payment plan options?

A: Unfortunately at this we do not. All repair work must be paid in full before we can release your vehicle.

Q: Does Brutus Auto offer used vehicle inspections for someone looking to purchase one?

A: Yes we do! We believe any time any person is looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle it is very important to get it looked at so you know what you are getting prior to purchase. We charge $50 for one and if you do not decide to buy that vehicle you can bring a second one in and that will be free of charge.

Q: Do you accept walk-in customers?

A: While we are more than happy to accept any customer that comes in to see us for the best possible attention to your appointment we advise customers to call the shop or click the “Schedule Appointment” button on the top right of our home page to schedule an appointment.

Q: How early can I bring in my automobile prior to my inspection month for New Hampshire State Inspection?

A: New Hampshire residents are allowed to get their car inspected for the next year up to three months early. So for example, if someone has an inspection month of April that person could get it inspected as early as January 1st.

Q: Do you offer towing to the shop in the event my vehicle is unfit to be driven?

A: Unfortunately we do not but there are several reliable towing companies in the city of Manchester we recommended such as AAA, Precision Towing & Eastern Towing.

Q: How often should I get an alignment or tire rotation?

A: We advise customers to get a tire rotation once every 5,000 miles to prevent excessive wear on your tires. For alignments, we advise customers get 1-2 alignments per year. An alignment will prolong the life of the tires and should be done anytime the tires are replaced and anytime there is steering and suspension work on the vehicle.

Q: Does Brutus Auto offer VIN Verification?

A: Yes we do.

Q: How often should I get my engine & cabin air filters replaced and what do they do?

A: We believe that they should be replaced once a year each. The Engine Air Filter is a filter that cleans the air going into the engine. As your filter gets dirtier the likelihood that it will catch harmful items that go into the engine. A dirty and clogged filter can cause your gas mileage to decrease and could even cause the Check Engine Light come on in extreme cases. The Cabin Air Filter regulates the air that flows into the cabin. The more you use it in the winter and summer months the higher the likelihood is that dirtier air could be blown into the vehicle and could cause sickness and odors.

Q: Do you guys offer check engine light diagnosis?

A: Yes we do! We charge $105.48 per hour to diagnose check engine lights. Contrary to popular belief just because you know a code does not mean that will automatically tell you what the problem is. We are here to get to the bottom of the issue and try to significantly limit useless part replacement.

Q: I have a motor with a timing belt, how important is it to get replaced at the dealer recommended interval?

A: It is very important! If a timing belt is not changed at the proper interval and ran too long it could significantly damage the belt and in turn could cause extensive motor damage.

Q: Do you guys offer discounts for local businesses?

A: Yes we do! We believe that Manchester has a lot of hard-working employees at some of our neighbor companies. We offer special group rates to several businesses such as Oracle, Autodesk, SNHU, UNH Manchester, Texas Instruments, Safe Passage and the Manchester Fire Departments & Police Departments to name a few. If you are curious on whether or not you company qualifies please don't hesitate to ask! If you also follow our Facebook Page we will offer sporadic discounts to certain groups and certain services so make sure you keep an eye out so we can help you save money and stress.